OxFilm is a community-wide effort to enhance film as a cultural, artistic and economic driver for the Lafayette County-Oxford and University population. OxFilm seeks to promote education and provide tools to support local filmmakers while encouraging films to be made in our community. OxFilm also seeks to enhance existing film screenings with an ongoing series celebrating a range of film experiences. 
Where: All events take place at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center at 413 South 14th Street in Oxford, Miss. unless otherwise indicated.
How: Through your generous support the community can enjoy screenings of special films, participate in workshops and panels and filmmakers can rent affordable film-making equipment and have access to top end post production facilities.

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Oxford already has some great film traditions in place. OxFilm is here to encourage people to take part in current activities in town and to build upon those traditions with new programs. Working closely with the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, Oxford Tourism and Economic Development Foundation, OxFilm will be making some big announcements early in 2013. Until then, look to these programs: