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The Secret Show Committee serves to help you redefine your assumptions when it comes to a boring, old art event! They believe art is hands on, in your face, and fully interactive. The Secret Show is about breaking down the barriers of what you think art galleries are. This one night only event mixes art, food, music and libations all with the chance for guests to be part of several live creative processes.

We can't tell you what will happen and we can't tell you where it will happen- yet. That is the secret. Even we don't know!

Check back often for hints about 2017's Secret Show!



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The Seventh Annual Oxford Fiber Arts Festival returns January 26th-28th!

Founded through a partnership with Knit1 Oxford and the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, the Oxford Fiber Arts Festival celebrates independent fiber artists who keep time honored crafts alive or challenge the ideas behind fiber art with new exciting works.

The event features an exhibit of fiber related works, which over the six years of the festival has ranged from historic quilts, handmade crafts works, and contemporary works. The festival kicks off with an annual welcome reception that allows attendees to meet the artists, vendors and demonstrators who offer programs throughout the festival.

This year's vendors include:

Lost City Knits - OK
Blue Ridge Needle Arts - LA
Art To Sew - MS and LA
Sky Loom Weavers - TX
3 Creeks Farm - TN
Buckmaster Family Farm - TN
Crochetville - AL
Tutwiler Quilters - MS
Regina Castle Batik - MS
Across Generations - OK
John D's Wooden Things - TN
Mountain Meadow Farm - NC
Moonwood Farm - AL
Theodora's Pearls - CO
Knit 1 Oxford - MS
Main Street Fabrics - MS
Yearning 4 Yarn - MO
Little Bit Acres Farm - MS

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The Holiday Ornament Auction is the Art Council's largest fundraiser and helps us provide more and more art to our community each year. Last year we were able to knock out 334 days of art thanks to our generous donors and artist community. Thank you for making Oxford what it is, by helping us build the arts and arts education. We could not do it without you, and we wouldn't want to anyway.
Thank You to Everyone Who Attended or Created an Ornament for 2016!
Please join us on December 7th, 2017 for this year's Ornament Auction!

Thank you for a great 3 Blind Wines this year! We'll see you in October 2017! 

2016's Winning Wine: Monnich Family Silkwood Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah Blend 

Three Blind Wines is a fundraiser for the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and Rotary Club of Oxford. These two organizations work to provide support for programs that enrich the lives of residents of North Mississippi. The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council provides access to the arts through educational programs from children through senior citizens and supports the work of local artists. The Rotary Club, part of Rotary International, works to improve quality of life within Oxford and Lafayette County. Rotary has created a scholarship for high school students, improved local parks, and contributed to community enrichment projects for the past fifty years.