Date: October 10th 2017
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: The Powerhouse

Bring any wine you'd like - red, white, rose!

How it Works

Step 1 Find a team member - your spouse, your bestie, random person off the street - we don't care! 

Step 2 Select three bottles of the same wine from one of the participating liquor stores. Two of the bottles of wine are set out for the tasting with the labels covered, and the third bottle of wine is reserved as part of the prize for the winner.

Or choose the Sommelier Ticket. Our professional sommelier selects your wines and delivers it for you! 

Purchased wines can be brought to the Powerhouse before the event or left at the participating liquor store for delivery.

Step 3 Come taste the wines! Everyone gets to sample all the wines, voting for their favorite wine of the night. The team that receives the most votes wins all the other team's third bottles. Winners could go home with a cellar full of free wine!

Tickets Available Here!

Team Tickets - $45 for non-members, $40 for members

It's $40 per team (2 people each) and you drop off your 3 bottles of wine in advance or purchase and leave them at one of the participating stores. Includes 2 commemorative wine glasses!

Sommelier Tickets - $110 for non-members, $100 for members

Have our sommelier pick the wine for you! You and your team member simply show up. Includes 2 commemorative wine glasses!

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