Film Equipment Rental 

We have a range of equipment available for filmmakers from sound to lighting to camera gear. Please contact oxfilmsociety(at) for the list of equipment, stop by the Powerhouse Community Arts Center or see the list here.

Prices are flexible for members from free to a percentage off materials. Non-members may rent for regular rates. To join as a member, sign up here.

Powerhouse Screening Information

If you would like to be considered for a film screening at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center as part of Oxford Film Festival monthly programming, contact us at info(at)

Current projection details:
The theater has flexible seating from 10-200. 
Projector is an Epson home cinema 1080
  • Razor Sharp detail - true 1080p resolution
  • Incredible blacks, depth and detail 12,000:1 Contrast ratio
  • Cutting Edge Connectivity - HDMI 1.3
  • Outstanding zoom range and lens shift provides convenient ceiling or shelf mount flexibility

There’s a proprietary lamp that uses the least amount of power, while 1080Perfect™ video processing offers full HD 1080p performance with 24fps and HDMI 1.3 compatibility. 

AbsoluteBlack™, technology delivers a contrast ratio of up to 12,000:1 and ensures the richest, deepest blacks. And, the innovative OptiCinema™ lens delivers amazing detail and breathtaking color for spectacular results. Together, these state-of-the-art technologies, all within a single projector, present a total solution that exceeds all expectations.

Exhibition Formats:

We currently accept submissions in DVD, Blu-Ray and digital formats. 


Run through the Powerhouse Arts Council surround sound system. 

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